Arantico Service Pro for the Healtcare Sector

More benefits from Arantico Service Pro within Hospitals and healthcare facilities:

  • Complete removal of paper and associated paperwork allowing you and your team to concentrate on doing maintenance work.
  • Allow staff to easily log and track requests with a simple easy to use web page and smartphone app.
  • Assign new jobs to the maintenance team without delay throughout the day if necessary, eliminating time wasted in picking up new jobs from maintenance office or waiting until end of day or next morning for new jobs.
  • Allow technical service team to complete job reports quickly and easily without the need for dropping off paperwork to the maintenance office and then it being inputted into system.
  • Technical services team can easily create a follow-up job where further work needs to be done.
  • Technical team can create job requests from app if they spot something that needs attention but not able to do right away and will be available to assign later.
  • They can also create a job and complete if they do any ad-hoc jobs on their way around the hospital. Nothing gets lost and the team gets credit for these extra jobs that are being done.
  • Manage maintenance team time off so that you know who is available.
  • Shorter response times and feedback to all staff resulting in better satisfaction and less frustration for everyone.
  • Routine maintenance jobs can also be scheduled, and the jobs automatically created and assigned.
  • You can setup an Asset register and link specific assets to maintenance schedules.
  • Checklists can be made available for different types of jobs and assets for the maintenance staff to easily complete with tick boxes and selection of keyword from dropdowns etc.
  • Maintenance team can see complete history of maintenance carried out on specific assets when doing a scheduled maintenance job. Manager can also see the history of jobs carried out on an asset at any time.
  • Supplier maintenance contracts and schedules can also be managed with automatic email notification reminders to you and the supplier.
  • A complete view of supplier maintenance schedules allows you to see what suppliers are planning to be on-site to allocate team members.
  • Supplier can upload maintenance reports directly linked to the job and MUH maintenance team get notification when complete. Time is saved without having to manage individual emails and attachments and all the reports are stored in system.
  • Better management and compliance reporting (requests completed by department, by trade, by team member, etc.). Reports are updated and available in real-time.