Case Study

St. Lukes General Hospital

Arantico ServicePro manages 10,000 maintenance requests annually from 300 hospital staff

The Arantico system has greatly reduced the paperwork and time spent on logging and responding to jobs leading to greater staff satisfactions and easier reporting to management...

To reduce the paperwork and provide a greater experience for hospital staff, St Lukes General Hospital in Kilkenny implemented Arantico ServicePro job scheduling and mobile workforce app. This enables 300 staff to easily log maintenance requests and for the Technical Services team to efficiently manage over 10000 annually and exceed staff and management expectations.

We are up on 10,000 jobs annually and before we implemented ServicePro it could take days to get service dockets completed and reports available...

The outcome has resulted in the following benefits for both the Technical Services team and the hospital staff:

  • Removal of paper maintenance requests
  • Allows staff to easily log requests online
  • Send jobs directly to the Technical Services team mobile phones using Arantico ServicePro app
  • Technical Services team complete job reports easily on mobile phone app.
  • Follow-on jobs easily created on mobile phone app or back office.
  • Shorter response time leading to higher staff satisfaction
  • Better management and compliance reporting
Now I know when a job is finished, and I can view the updated reports within minutes”

See how Arantico can help you improve scheduling and real time management of your maintenance and service teams.

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.... and because Arantico ServicePro is a ready to use software product it can be setup, configured and in the hand of the end users within weeks and even days - Noel Motherway, Maintenance Officer